Hero K V Satish interview with B A Raju

An entrepreneur turned actor, Dr KV Satish, is making his acting debut with SV Krishna Reddy’s ‘Yamaleela 2′. Satish plays the lead actor in this comedy sequel and calls himself a lucky guy for being part of one such project, directed by the most successful director in which renowned actors like Padmashree Dr Mohan Babu and Padmashree Dr Brahmanandam are also playing the key roles as Yama and Chitragupta. Diah Nicholas is the lead actress opposite Satish. Aali and Indraja starer ‘Yamaleela’ was a stupendous hit movie in 1994 and director KV Krishna Reddy is returning back with its sequel ‘Yamaleela 2′ after several years. One of the leading PROs of Telugu film industry and CEO of Superhit Magazine, BA Raju, took some time out to interview the debut actor Dr KV Satish and extracted some interesting answers from him. Here are few excerpts:

B.A. Raju: You seem to have been lucky to work with award-winning director and legends in your debut movie.
Hero (Dr. K.V.Satish): l would say I am blessed that such fine opportunity came my way. It has been an enriching experience for me to work with iconic figures like SV Krishna Reddy who have achieved massive success in the industry; living legend Mohan Babu who has acted in over 500 films and recipient of the prestigious Padma Shri award and versatile Brahmanandam who is also a Guinness World Record holder and Padma Shri recipient. In spite of their stardom, they are so down to earth. They are so professional and dedicated individuals. Their enthusiasm and involvement with the assigned roles bring in the magical energy on the set. It is a privilege to work with people of such caliber. SV Krishna Reddy has directed over 40 movies in 20 years, out of which 90% were hit movies and 10% averaging at the box office. Some of his popular movies are Shubhalagnam, Rajendrudru Gajendrudru, Athade Oka Sainyam, Number One, Yamaleela, Mayalodu, PellamOorelithe, Yegire, Pavurama, Divorce Invitation, Ghatotkachudu, Budget Padmanabham, Vinodham, PremakuVelaayera, Mayajalam, Maavichiguru, Hungama, etc. You seemed to have achieved a lot already in your professional career as a businessman.

B.A. Raju: What do you expect from acting?
Hero (Dr. K.V.Satish): Entrepreneurial journey again has been a blessing to me. I have fought my way up the ladder but the difficult part is maintaining the position you have achieved and evolving to rise up to the next level. Competition is tougher than ever before and we have to be constantly on our toes to remain on top. Acting is my passion; my interest that I am pursuing at the moment. Every project that I undertake, I put my heart and soul into action and try to deliver my best. When it comes to acting, at the end of the day if I can influence at least 50-60% of the viewers through my acting then I would say I have done well. Contemporary viewers are well learned and highly demanding probably because of infinite choices available in the entertainment industry.

B.A. Raju:
Tell us about your transition from a successful entrepreneur to an actor.
Hero (Dr. K.V.Satish): Since my youth days, entrepreneurship has intrigued me. Along my entrepreneurial journey, I came across fascinating individuals who shared the same urge to make it big one day. Today, we command this position because of our drive to succeed in spite of the bumps on our journey. Acting has always been my passion alongside entrepreneurship. While I have been calculating on my plans, this amazing opportunity came my way and I could not refuse it. Thus, I have to pre-pond my plans and got into acting earlier than I expected.

B.A. Raju: Now that almost 75% of the movie shoot is complete, you know what film industry is like. How’s acting different from your professional career?
Hero (Dr. K.V.Satish): When you look at it from a professional perspective both are the same. At the end of the day, you have to satisfy someone; in business it’s the customers and in movies it’s the viewers. On the other hand, acting requires frequent travelling and maintaining strict fitness regime.

B.A. Raju:
What were your thoughts about acting before you got into movies?
Hero (Dr. K.V.Satish): Movie industry is synonymous for glamour, luxury and fantasy. The limelight on screen hides away the pain, sacrifices and effort the actors put into. Even before getting into movies, I have always regarded acting as one of the toughest professions in the world.

B.A. Raju:
What matters to you most as an actor?
Hero (Dr. K.V.Satish): As an actor, viewers matters the most to me. The biggest challenge as an actor is to connect with a variety of audiences with different tastes and disseminate the exact same information as you want them to understand through your acting.

B.A. Raju:
Do you think acting is a demanding profession?
Hero (Dr. K.V.Satish): lf you are serious about your profession, you would put your entire energy and dedication to get the job done. Acting is a passion for me and I love acting so it doesn’t become a burden for me. When you love what you do and give your best shot, the end result is satisfactory or else it feels like a demanding job.

B.A. Raju:
What do you think is most important for a movie’s success?
Hero (Dr. K.V.Satish): A lot of things determine the success of a movie. In my opinion, the storyline, casts, music, etc. play a major role in making a movie a hit at the box office. Viewers also play an important role in defining the movie. Contemporary viewers demand rich content which relates to them directly or indirectly. As an actor or rather an entertainer we try our best to satiate their thirst by delivering content rich movies which will linger in their memories for a long time.