About Us

   Krishvi Films is a state-of-the-art and single-stop production house. This modern production facility will boost media and entertainment industry in the development and production of motion pictures. Dr. K.V. Satish (Chairman & MD of DS-MAX Properties Pvt. Ltd.) conceptualized the need of this production house to educate people about the realities of life. Life is filled with messages; it depends on how we interpret those messages and relate it to ours. The concept behind this production house is to educate and influence people through movies. Film and television industry is perhaps the strongest and the best medium to do so.

       Its services is strategically distributed to several discrete stages involved in film production right from the initial development of an idea to marketing and distribution. The production team consists of highly experienced, energetic and dedicated professionals who are able to convey accurate messages to the audiences. The modern entertainment consumers are highly conscious and demanding. To cater the needs of the modern audience, Krishvi Films utilizes latest technologies and best-in-class equipment available in the market to deliver international quality products.

       With a clear focus to minute details, this production unit thrives to deliver astounding commercial videos that creates lasting impression. With the years of industry experience and exceptional creativity, the team bring along, we are constantly on our toes to stay a step ahead in the stiff competition of the audio-visual industry.

       Krishvi Films is a pool of talent and it is collaborating with award-winning crew members. Krishvi Films is a launch pad for aspiring professionals who seek a career in the diverse field of film industry. Krishvi Films is partnering with marketers and distributors to expand our product base to global audiences.